Smut, romance, and moral ambiguity.
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South Korea, 1987
Anthony Suau
A mother clings to a riot policeman’s shield at a polling station. Her son was one of thousands of demonstrators arrested because they tried to prove that the presidential election on December 15, which was won by the government candidate, had been rigged.
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tamburina: Bruno Barbey, Sorbonne University under student occupation, Paris, May 1968
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25. Me. I pledge allegiance to the flag…
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 “Even bedridden, she was the most beautiful old lady I’d ever seen. There she was with no makeup but still beautiful skin, big blue eyes and little hands fluttering like small birds in the air. She smelled beautiful too, like roses.” - Sacha Briquet

Marlene Dietrich
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Halston, Paris, 1960. 
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Priscilla Presley.
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هاذي شنو 😩